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Search Results

Search tabs

On the basic search results page, you can repeat your search in a resource of your choice by clicking on the resource tabs.

You can also start a new basic search in the selected resource. Basic search tips

Filtering search results

You can use the Narrow Search menu on the search results page to filter your results by several criteria, e.g. format, language, year of publication or period of publication (range of years).

The values with the highest hit counts are shown on top. Click on the arrows and plus signs to view more precise filtering options. You can use several filters simultaneously.

The active filters are shown above the search results. You can remove them one by one by clicking on the buttons or from the filter menu.

Filtering a new basic search

If you wish to carry out a new basic search applying the filters from your previous search, make sure that Retain current filters checkbox is checked.

If you choose another search tab, all active filters will be removed.

Basic search tips

Editing an advanced search

Select Edit this search to change your query.

If you wish to keep the applied filters, choose Retain current filters before editing the search.

Starting a new advanced search will reset all search options.

Advanced search tips

Detailed record view

Bibliographic details

To view the full display of a record, click on the title link.

A record page contains more detailed bibliographic description of the title. Open the full record by clicking on Show all details.

Availability and location designation in Helka

In the Holdings tab, you can view availability and location information about items.

Call numbers are displayed on the right-hand side of an item list. With regard to printed material, a call number indicates the exact shelf location. By clicking on the number you get to see a floor plan, on which is marked the respective shelf section at the library site.

Links to online resources

Links to online resources can be found beneath the title in a record view. In addition, links included in Helka and Arto are located in the Holdings tab. In Helka, the custom text used as a header in online resource links is: Verkkoaineisto/Nätresursen/Online resource.

Corresponding record in another database

If the system identifies the material in another local database of the SKS Finna, a link to the corresponding record will be shown on the right-hand side of the record view and in the Holdings tab.

The record in the other database may include supplementary bibliographic and availability details.


If you are a Helka library card holder, you can place a reservation in Helka on an item that is currently checked out or placed in closed stacks.

When the material is available for pick-up, you will be notified by email.

Save references

If you have a SKS Finna ID, you can save references into your personal user account on SKS Finna. On the Saved references page, you can group them into lists, send them by email and export to reference managers. See more

Saving references one by one

  1. Choose the reference you wish to save by clicking on Add to my references icon or link. If your are not logged in, log in with your your SKS Finna ID.
  2. In the Add to your references form, select the reference list in which you want to save the reference from the Choose a list drop-down menu, or create a new list.
  3. Click on Save.

Saving multiple references at a time

If you want to select many references and save them at the same time, add them to the basket first. See more

Share links to records

You can share persistent links to records in SKS Finna. In the full record display, copy the URL that appears in the browser address bar. Alternatively, you can send a link by email or on some social networking sites.

Sending links by email

Click on Email this in the toolbar at the top of the record view. If you are not logged in, log in with your with your SKS Finna ID.

Alongside with the link, the email includes a brief citation of the material (title, author, year of publication, content type).

If you want to send many links and citations in an email, add references to the basket first. See more

Social bookmarking

Through the top-right corner in the record view, you can share the link on some social networking sites.

Scanning a QR code

Using the QR code you opened from the toolbar in the record view, you can quickly open the record page on another device. The device must have a camera and a QR code reader.

Export references

Exporting references one by one

On the search results page, click on the title, the citation of which you wish to export to a reference manager. The full bibliographic display is opened.

  1. Click on Export reference.
  2. You are prompted to select the file format or bibliography tool from the drop-down list. Web-based RefWorks and EndNoteWeb enable direct import. Make sure you finish the export to RefWorks by clicking on Send to RefWorks. When using EndNote or processing MARC, BibTeX or RIS files, you need to save the files first on your computer and then open them in the application you are using.

Exporting multiple references at a time

If you want to select many references and export them at the same time, add them in the basket first. See more

Copy a reference

Through the Cite this link in the record view, you have access to citations in accordance with some most common citation styles. These have been produced automatically from the database. Copy text to clipboard and paste it where you want it.

Print references

Printing references one by one

In the search results display, click on the title, the citation of which you want to print. The record display is opened.

  1. If you want to print the full record, click on Show all details.
  2. Click on Print. Print features are operating-system-specific and device-dependent.

Printing multiple references at a time

If you want to select many references and print them at the same time, add them to the basket first. See more

Add to basket

If you want to handle multiple references simultaneously, you need to add them to the basket first.

  1. Click on the basket icon in the reference you wish to add.
  2. Open the basket by clicking on its icon on the top of the page.
  3. Select the references you want to process.
  4. Select a function by clicking on the specific button: Save, Email, Export, Print. In order to use the email and save functions, you need to be logged in to the platform.

Share and save searches

Using the functions at the bottom of the search results page, you can save your search or share a link to it.

  • Get RSS feed: You can generate an RSS feed of the search in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, or in a separate reader. Please note that without extensions, Chrome does not support formatted viewing of RSS feeds.
    • Records found from SKS material or in Helka and Arto are arranged on the basis of their most recent editing date. If you want to arrange the records according to their creation date, sorted from newest to oldest, filter your search results before subscribing to a feed using the time filters in the New items menu on the search results page.
    • Search results from the EBSCO Discovery service (EDS) and Primo Central Index (PCI) can be arranged according to the year of publication. You cannot arrange EDS and PCI records according to their creation date. Instructions for narrowing search results
  • Email this search. The email includes a link to the search. Add the email address of the sender and recipient into the email form. You can also add a message.

  • Save search in your account in SKS Finna. If you are not logged in to the service, log in with your SKS Finna ID. In the Saved searches tab in your user profile, you can repeat any searches you have saved and subscribe for scheduled alerts. Instructions for managing saved searches